“I don’t know what to post on my businesses social media pages.
How do I come up with new content ideas and how often do I share them?”
Many small business owners have asked me this very question, so I created a content solution just for you! Consider this your special invitation to join my monthly membership, Content Brainbox!

📣  Content Brainbox is a monthly content membership specially made for business owners, solopreneurs, social media managers and influencers.

📣  Every month you will receive a tailored content plan, social media captions, and digital marketing support to help you grow your business's online presence and community!

📣  Content Brainbox is your turnkey solution for social media content delivered right to your inbox. Everything mapped out for you! This is a convenient solution, to help you finally create content consistently — without feeling overwhelmed by what to post. 

📣  I’m often asked, “Tokelo, do you manage social media for small businesses?” My company does provide these services, however, I understand that a five-figure agency retainer isn't always in the budget for budding small businesses, so Content Brainbox is my way adding value to our online business community, with the content marketing strategies I have mastered through my years in digital marketing.

What will you get each month?

✔️ A Content Calendar with a 30-day plan of the month and post prompts so you can simply fill-in-the-blanks. You can fill out your calendar digitally or print it out to make a hard copy planner.

✔️ 15 fill-in-the-blank captions that you can easily customize, copy and paste into your Content Calendar or social media post.

✔️ Niche hashtag library will make finding hashtags to use in your social media posts and to engage with easy to find & use.

✔️ LIVE sessions with Tokelo, giving step-by-step guides to planning your content for a whole month. PLUS, you’ll get access to Tokelo to get accountability, brainstorm content ideas, and get your questions answered.

✔️ UNLIMITED access to our learning library to help you create strategies that will help you build your business's online presence, grow your community and stay in the know with the latest social media happenings. 


Yep, there's more!



When you enroll this month,

you'll also get these extra


⚡️ This post creation bundle lists 30 ideas for you to explore in different ways, to help you continuously create content for your social media pages!

⚡️ Each idea is described in detail and comes with an explanation on how you can execute on this; allowing you to tailor the idea to suit your business needs and brand image.


⚡️ This social media audit bundle helps you make sure you start things off right, with a check list for each social media platform and a breakdown of how to set your profile bio up for success.

⚡️ Each page is simple and to-the-point, with actionable steps to renew your pages and connect with new like minded individuals!

Both of these bonuses will be yours when you become a member!

A tailored solution to suit your needs!

You will get access to TWO custom caption templates!
Each month, you will receive two sets of customized caption templates to suit social media pages that represent both a business or product and an individual looking to build their personal brand.
You will get access to both of these when you become a member.

Press play to see what’s inside each Content Bundle!


The BEST content marketing membership platform for business owners!

Fashion Entrepreneurs.    Social Media Managers.    Business consultants.

Designers.   Travel agencies.    Makeup artists.   Boutique owners.   Fashion influencers.   Fashion retailers.   Bed & breakfast owners.    Community managers.   Beauty influencers.   Hair extensions sellers.    Beauty entrepreneurs.   Interior designers.    Travel influencers.    Boutique Hotel Owners.

Some common roadblocks that your Content Brainbox membership will help you overcome:


You've tried hard to post as often as you can, but with all that you're juggling in your business, you haven't managed to stay consistent with your efforts and your content feed is all over the place. In Content Brainbox, you'll get content that’s already planned out for you. You’ll simply open your monthly bundle and feel relief that you finally have a content plan that will work for your needs. I create each content bundle with the exact planning process I learned in my years working with retail brands on their social media marketing!

Increased Engagement

You will be getting monthly fill-in-the-blank captions & post prompts to help you build your content plan and get more engagement; so to improve your chances of showing up on your followers’ timelines. (Last month, I received an average of 24 comments on EACH of my Instagram posts per month. #Facts!) You CAN beat the algorithm to increase your engagement, cause it factors in your posting consistency, how users engage with your posts and how you engage, which is where our niche hashtags come in. Your monthly content bundle takes all of this into consideration!

Grow Your

“Wow! I have no idea what to share in today's post.” I'm sure you’ve said this to yourself while sitting with your Instagram page open and drawing a total blank. Lack of knowledge and frustration with the different social media platforms are the barriers clients often share with me. When you join Content Brainbox, you will NEVER feel stumped on what content to share again! This is a complete content planning solution to help you grow your audience and solidify your online presence — month after month!

Ready to sign up? Let's get to it then!

Step One

Join the Content Brainbox and gain access to our membership portal, where you can download your content bundles and jump into our learning library. New content bundles are uploaded on the 25th of every month, meaning on March 25th you’ll receive your tailored content for April.

Step Two

Download your content bundle each month, which includes a calendar, fill-in-the-blank captions and niche hashtags all done for you - so you can easily fill in the blanks and ensure each post speaks directly to your audience. Join our private Facebook group for live sessions & help us build a community.

Step Three

Start sharing posts consistently, with ease! With our content bundles you’ll have post ideas covering the benefits of your products or services, trending topics, seasonal trends, latest events, local and fun holidays.

✔️ DONE!

Take that step in the right direction now...

"I'm READY to join the Content Brainbox!"

Hi, I'm Tokelo!

I'm the founder of online marketing agency Afredigital and your go-to content marketing expert. I've built up my knowledge over years working in various roles:


- creating digital marketing strategies for businesses

- writing & photography for fashion & travel platforms

- creating content plans for small businesses

- building digital content libraries for teams I work with

- sourcing and partnering with influencers for campaigns

- worked with various brands as an influencer myself!

I genuinely love what I do and am really good at it!

I started blogging back in 2010, a while before starting my career in retail in 2011, working in buying for a major fashion retailer. For many years I juggled my full-time job with my digital marketing side-hustle; having worked with brands on a number of online campaigns, like Country Road, SA Tourism, Mr Price, TFG, and Environ to name a few. In 2016 I shifted my career and took on the marketing world full-time, working with major retailers, travel destinations and small businesses.

And in 2018 I created Afredigital, to support small businesses that I connected with through online marketplace AFRENAI, providing them with strategic content that tells the story of their brands and connects with real people. Instagram has played a key role in my helping build those brands, as well as my own business growth and personal brand development.

I'm excited to help you reach your goals with the Content Brainbox!

Some brands I have worked with:

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a content bundle each month, which will include a calendar and customized captions that are tailored to your niche, as listed above. You’ll also get live sessions with Tokelo, to help you create content with confidence!

(Please click on each question to expand the section)

What is the Content Brainbox?

✔️ The Content Brainbox is a monthly membership, offering a content planning solution especially developed for small businesses, solopreneurs, and influencers. ✔️ Every month you will receive tailored content plan, social media post captions, access to our learning library and digital marketing support to help you grow your business online! ✔️ This is the most convenient solution you’ll find to finally create content consistently— without feeling overwhelmed by what to post. Everything is mapped out for you!

What do I get each month with my membership?

You get access to two tailored caption templates when you sign-up - one for a business/product and the other for an individual. Here’s what you will receive every month! ✔️ A Content Calendar with a 30-day plan of the month and post prompts so you can simply fill-in-the-blanks. You can fill out your calendar digitally or print it out to make a hard copy planner. ✔️ 15 fill-in-the-blank captions that you can easily customize, copy and paste into your Content Calendar or social media post. ✔️ Niche hashtag library will make finding hashtags to use in your social media posts and to engage with easy to find & use. ✔️ LIVE sessions with Tokelo, giving step-by-step guides to planning your content for a whole month. PLUS, you’ll get access to Tokelo to get accountability, brainstorm content ideas, and get your questions answered. ✔️ UNLIMITED access to our learning library to help you create strategies that will help you build your business's online presence, grow your community and stay in the know with the latest social media happenings. ✔️ Plus…you will receive ongoing support and be apart of building a community of determined creatives inside our new Content Brainbox private members group!

Will the content be customized to my specific brand?

No. The Content Bundles give general direction & make it super easy for you to customize. You'll get a Content Calendar with relevant fashion, beauty and business events noted, along with local and international holidays. The caption templates include post prompts that allow you to fill-in-the-blanks to suit your specific brand. Our niche hashtag library covers a range of topics for you share and engage with, that align with your brand. If you have specific category or hashtag topic requests that you want added, I would LOVE to hear from you! Email me at contact@afredigital.com I’ll be in touch with you!

How does billing work?

You have the option to auto-pay monthly, quarterly (every 3 months) or auto-pay annually (once per year). Monthly memberships are auto-billed every month on the calendar date that you signed up. Quarterly memberships run for the 3-months and the membership expires after that period. Annual memberships are auto-billed annually on the calendar date that you signed up. Payments are auto-processed to the credit/debit card on file that you use to enroll. If you need to change your card, please email contact@afredigital.com and I’m happy to help!

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

You will receive unlimited access to our learning library, niche hashtags and Content Bundles instantly, therefore no refunds will be given on memberships. If you decide that Content Brainbox is not for you, simply cancel your membership before the automatic renewal date by sending an email to contact@afredigital.com. Your membership will remain active until the end of your quarter or annual sign-up date.

Can I purchase a membership and share it with my team?

Your membership is for you and you alone, but I do offer discounted membership rates for multiple enrollments for teams! Each individual user must have their own membership. If you are interested in a group discount, please email contact@afredigital.com and we will offer you a discounted rate for 3 or more members!

How do the live monthly classes work?

The classes are held at the end of the month so you have time to map out your plan of action and start the new month STRONG! The monthly classes will be announced via email to all members. Classes will be hosted inside the private Facebook group and you will get a chance to post your questions for me to answer. All recordings will be available to watch as a replay.

I have another question that wasn't answered here.

Just pop me an email! Send your questions through to contact@afredigital.com. We are a small team, so please kindly allow one business day for responses.

Will I get to work with Tokelo 1-on-1?

The program is designed to work best in the community and I will make sure you get direct responses from me! The live stream Q&A sessions will be hosted by me in our closed community, where I will be taking your personal questions. I will also be active inside the Facebook group to answer your general questions. There will not be 1-on-1 coaching included in the Content Brainbox membership. If you are interested in working with me in a 1-on-1 session then, please inquire via email at contact@afredigital.com.

Need help?  Please email contact@afredigital.com.

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