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Get to know the woman behind our agency and the how she came to learn all she knows.

Hi, I'm Tokelo!


I’m a social media loving, content marketing expert, that enjoys educating others & elevating businesses. I also really love taking road trips, Two Dots & peanut butter ice cream. 

I've turned my love for story-telling into a thriving business using marketing strategies that I now get to share with you... and just by the way, I enjoy sharing all I've learnt over a cup of tea, and invite you to join me every week!

How I got to becoming your
go-to content marketing expert...

I've built up my knowledge over years working in various roles:

  • creating digital marketing strategies for businesses

  • writing & photography for fashion & travel platforms

  • creating content plans for small businesses

  • building digital content libraries for teams I work with

  • sourcing and partnering with influencers for campaigns

  • worked with various brands as an influencer myself!

I genuinely love what I do and am really good at it!

I started blogging back in 2010, a while before starting my career in retail in 2011, working in buying for a major fashion retailer. For many years I juggled my full-time job with my digital marketing side-hustle; having worked with brands on a number of online campaigns, like Country Road, SA Tourism, Mr Price, TFG, and Environ to name a few.

In 2016 I shifted my career and took on the marketing world full-time, working with major retailers, travel destinations and small businesses.

And in 2018 I created Afredigital, to support small businesses that I connected with through online marketplace AFRENAI, providing them with strategic content that tells the story of their brands and connects with real people. Instagram has played a key role in my helping build those brands, as well as my own business growth and personal brand development.

I'm excited to help you reach your goals and grow your brands online presence with social media!

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