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Hi, I'm Tokelo...

I’m a social media loving, content marketing expert, that enjoys educating others & elevating businesses. I also really like taking road trips, Two Dots & peanut butter ice cream. 

I've turned my love for story-telling into a 6-figure business using marketing strategies that I now get to share with you... and just by the way, I enjoy sharing all I've learnt over a cup of tea.

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A lot of small businesses who are just starting out don’t realize how powerful a mailing list is and how having one can greatly benefit their growing business.

If you think mailing lists are a thing of the past, think again!

Whether it's a list of emails or cell numbers for Whatsapp broadcast messages, building a database of people who have shown interest in what you offer is a great way to engage with those people one-on-one, keep your business or brand top of mind, or re-engaging them after they’ve abandoned your site.

Statistics show that email is 4 times more effective in reaching your audience than Facebook. Why?

77% of consumers prefer permission-based marketing materials sent to their email instead of social media marketing. And this makes sense if you consider how most people opt-in to receive marketing emails or broadcast messages when they make purchases from brands or visit their website. If someone intentionally signs up to receive communications from you, it means they want to be kept on the loop with the latest promotions and news about your specific business. Making them open to receiving sales messages, but most importantly availing themselves to the possibility of buying from you.

3 Fun Facts about Email Marketing

It’s all in what gets your audience going. People tend to go to social media for a specific reason, to be entertained or stay informed, which is why sharing content that adds value in some way (inspires, entertains, etc.) and isn’t promotional is the norm. A hard sell on social media is harder to pull off.

Social media should work in tandem with your email marketing strategy. For example, you can promote social media events like live streams and Q&A sessions via email, and use your social media profile to gain more recipients for your email list.

It’s pretty evident that email is not going anywhere anytime soon. So if you want to up your conversion rates and build a much more solid relationship with your clients, then email is a definite must.

So, why does a mailing list work so well and how can you begin building your own list of future customers? Keep reading...

First things first, let’s understand what a mailing list is...

This is simply a list of emails that a business has collected from their website visitors/customers who would like to receive information and updates about the business through email.

How does a mailing list help you make more sales?

  • Increase Returning Visitors to Your Site – One way of bringing visitors back to your website is through email newsletters.

  • Make Your Brand Memorable – Did you know that more than 75% of the people won’t find your website again? That’s where newsletters come in handy, as they help in making your brand unforgettable.

  • Boost Your Conversions – By sending out the latest deals, coupons, and product news, you can increase sales on your site through newsletter campaigns.

  • Generate Traffic – If you’re struggling to attract visitors to a new blog you created, then sending newsletters is a useful strategy. You can get tons of traffic in no time by informing your email subscribers about your content piece.

  • Build a Loyal Fanbase – Newsletters help you connect with your readers and build a relationship. Through newsletters, you can create a loyal following and turn them into a community.

The best way to get visitors to sign up for your email list is by offering a free gift in return.

You can easily do this by adding "lead magnets" to your most popular posts.

A lead magnet is a bonus download, like a PDF, that’s related to the blog post.

By adding your lead magnet to your top converting pages, you have a higher chance of collecting leads and building your database.

Wondering what lead magnet you can create to help build your mailing list? Let’s take a quick look at 5 that have worked well for us at Afredigital...

Nurturing your database by regularly staying in touch is important.

Use your newsletter to highlight new content, special offers, and seasonal events.

You should send your newsletter on a consistent schedule, so subscribers will know when to expect it. Too many emails will make users unsubscribe, so when you’re setting your schedule, make sure the value contained in your email warrants the frequency.

Consider offering exclusive content or deals to those who are signed up, so they feel like they’re being rewarded for subscribing.

One thing to remember is how your email list is one of the few things you have full control over when it comes to online marketing.

You may have thousands of followers on social media, but the fact of the matter is they belong to those social media companies. Your page and account are just one of the features the platforms offer to their “users”, which you are one of.

Changes to policies and algorithms are out of your control, even though they may help you increase your reach and grow the online presence of your brand or business.

With a mailing list, every subscriber is yours to keep and connect with!

You get to decide how and where you use your list, you are able to rate your subscribers, and you are also able to segment your audience and decide who gets what email or campaign. Building a mailing list means you’re building on your own land, something you have real control over, which makes for a smart business move!

It takes time to build your database and effectively connect with them to convert them into avid readers, buyers or supporters of your brand, so I recommend you start with one tool or resource to attract people, promote that for some time and assess the results and feedback before adding that.

If you’re committed to the process and you want to build a reliable brand in 2021, don’t hesitate to book a consultation call here.


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