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I’m a social media loving, content marketing expert, that enjoys educating others & elevating businesses. I also really like taking road trips, Two Dots & peanut butter ice cream. 

I've turned my love for story-telling into a 6-figure business using marketing strategies that I now get to share with you... and just by the way, I enjoy sharing all I've learnt over a cup of tea.

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With Instagram having over a billion monthly users, brands are finding it more and more necessary to find new ways to interact with potential customers and build communities of people who are interested in their brand, so to connect with them and promote what they have to offer easily.

Instagram is a great tool for getting your products seen by the right people and converting them into paying customers.

If you’re struggling to make sales on the ‘gram, then you probably haven’t optimized your page for sales and are missing out on a huge opportunity!

Interested in selling more on your social media page?

Here are 7 great tips to promote your new product on Instagram:

Build a shoppable feed

Making your feed shoppable will allow you to tag your products in your posts and your followers will be able to tap on your post image to see the price and buy. A shoppable feed simplifies the shopping process for your audience, cutting out the steps a customer has to take to purchase; making it quicker and easier for a customer and enhancing their shopping experience with your brand.

How to set up a shoppable news feed:

  • Start by making sure you have the latest Instagram app and your account is a business profile.

  • To set up the Shopping function on Instagram, go to your business profile and tap Settings > Business > Set Up Instagram Shopping.

  • Connect your Instagram page to your Facebook page.

  • Set up a Facebook Business Manager account and upload a product catalogue. It takes up to 48hours for new products to be reviewed and your catalogue to reflect on Instagram for you to tag products in your posts and stories.

  • To set up the Shopping function on Instagram, go to your business profile and tap Settings > Business > Shopping > select your product catalogue > Done.

  • Note: You can only sell physical products and not services on.

It won't cost you anything to set up the shopping function and follow the steps we share below to promote your new product(s), but you will need patience and consistency. It takes time to see results with organic marketing; though the slow and steady approach has proven to build more engaged audiences that are interested, authentic and actually care about you and what you have to offer - as the time allows you to connect with them and build a relationship.

Create Instagram stories with product links

Stories are a great way to get more eyes on your content, whether you’re resharing a post from your feed or sharing a short video telling people about your new product. You can make shopping the product easier for your audience, by sharing a direct link to the product for them to shop.

If you didn’t know, only Instagram accounts with over 10 000 followers have the ability to link to an external site in their stories.

Pro Tip: You can link your stories to products in your Instagram shop (doesn't require 10k followers) and make shopping an item much simpler for viewers - works just like a link to your online store.

If you have 10k follower here’s how you can add links to your stories:

  • Go to your story and add a video/picture.

  • Tap the link icon at the top of the screen.

  • Enter the link of the product you want people to see when they tap through.

  • Use stickers and emojis to highlight your call of action.

And making your full catalogue of products available with a link to your website under your profile is another way to make shopping your products simpler for your audience, without adding your catalogue of products to Instagram.

The last thing you want is for your people to have to look for information on what your business sells, where your store is or how much an item is selling for.

Now that you are clear on the basics, let’s get into what you need to focus on when building your strategy.

1. Post product teasers that will urge them to buy

When launching a campaign, a pre-launch campaign is the best way to create some buzz. People love mysteries and solving them, and you can leverage this by creating teaser posts in your story and feed to pique interest.

Using engaging tools in your stories like polls, question stickers, sliders, etc. or sharing sneak peeks or previews in your posts are great for getting people interested and involved ahead of your launch. The suspense can create excitement and get people ready to buy before the product is even ready.

2. Partner with influencers to widen your reach

Collaborations and sponsorships have nearly replaced ads. This is because unlike ads, collaborating with influencers that an audience trusts creates a type of social proof and works to build trust in the product or brand, making it easier to convince customers to purchase.

The common misconception is that influencer marketing is for brands with big budgets, but you don’t necessarily need a big budget to start working with influencers. And selecting the right influencer(s) to work with is the biggest point.

Nano influencers are great for small businesses with smaller budgets and don’t be disheartened by their smaller audience, their close-knit following often results in their followers trusting their recommendation more - increasing the chances of them being converted into buyers.

When you work with an influencer, you are essentially tapping into their audience, which is why selecting the right influencer is vital. An influencer whose audience is made up of people that match your ideal customer avatar will go a long way to building your own community.

Authenticity is a major part of what makes influencer marketing so effective, the influencers sharing who they are and what they love in their own style, that their audience has come to know, love and trust.

Staying mindful of this when briefing and working with an influencer is necessary, so to make sure what they share doesn’t come out looking like just another ad. Working with influencers that already share content in a style that aligns with your business is the key to simplifying this step in the process and ensuring you are happy with the output.

3. Share user-generated content

Share pictures of your customers using your products. This not only shows potential customers how others are enjoying your offering but also serves as social proof, making it easier for them to trust your brand.

4. Instagram ads

With more and more businesses being active on Instagram, there are more people fighting for the attention of the people you are hoping to make your customers. Paid ads are a great way to widen your reach and get in front of the eyes of your ideal audience while using targeted metrics to make sure those that see your ads are actually people who are interested in what you have to offer.

You can work with whatever budget you have, as you are able to decide how much you want to spend and the duration of the ad (how long it will run for), along with the specific interests, gender, age, special events coming up and location of your ideal audience.

This is a great way to boost your sales, increase brand awareness and promote your latest offer or sale.

5. Measure your performance by tracking your insights

Make sure you check your insights to track engagement and to make data-driven decisions. In viewing your insights, you can see which posts got the most engagements and give them, even more, reach by putting money behind them and promoting them or creating similar content in future.

Your insights will also allow you to get to know your audience better, by seeing their demographics and learn their behaviours, allowing you to share your posts when they are active and or help improve your ads targeting.

And lastly, reviewing your insights can help you track the source of your sales, so you know what to discontinue and what to build on to scale.

Getting all this right will take some work and time, but when done consistently, these strategies will help you attract more eyes to your page, grow your audience and convert that audience into paying customers.

If you need help with promoting your new products or assistance in building your next campaign, don’t hesitate to book a consultation call here.